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Vocal music classes are taken in Carnatic and Hindhusthani style. Advanced specialization courses are also taken for special areas like Vocalization.

Vocal Music

Carnatic - Traditional vocal music classes in Carnatic style are taken by Guruji Natyacharya Sri S Balachandra Raju and Nadha abhinaya Ranjani B. Shivaranjani M.A (Music), daughter and disciple of Guruji and son B. Bala Sushruthi Raju Vadhya Kalaimani. The training starts right from basics like Swaravali, Alankaras, etc. to advanced levels like Varnams and Krithis. Special courses available on raga exposition techniques. Also, special thematic courses like sessions on Thiruppugazh, Thiruvempavai, Thiruppavai, etc. are also available.

Hindusthani - Authentic and technically sound vocal classes are taken in Hindustani style also. Hindustani music is taught here in Gwalior Gharana. All levels of classes are covered here.

Voice culture - Special courses on voice culture are taken up here. These courses are tailor-made for each individuals according to their personal needs and challenges. Special trainings are given for stage singers to take up recordings, modulations, husky voice, identifying notes, mic techniques and track singing. Voice corrections are made for defective voices like the nasal dominated ones, coarse voice, etc. These special courses are taken in studio of Natyacharya's School of Music and Dance. Teaching of these courses are given to student

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